Thinking About Law School?

156628164In the current market, jobs in law are incredibly competitive, only accepting the best and brightest students. The stereotype of law school being one of the toughest disciplines in the ivory tower of academia remains unscathed. So, what can you do if you’re thinking about going to law school? The cliche, but most responsible, answer is perhaps to be the best. Always strive to be more, to be better.

Currently, the law school market is experiencing an increase in the number of students who apply with incredibly high LSAT scores. What’s the LSAT? Hopefully you are not asking that question if you are serious about law school, but if you don’t know what that means, the LSAT stands for Law School Admission Test. If you are even remotely interested in beginning a law school endeavor, you must begin with the Law School Admission Test. This test requires a fee, much like the SAT and ACT did when you applied for undergraduate colleges and universities. You pay the fee and sign up to take the test on one of the testing dates, then proceed to study as much as possible between now and then. If you are worried about succeeding when you take the LSAT, look for resources online to help you study, and consider buying one of the many study guides and practice test sets that are offered at local bookstores and online shops. The LSAT is well known, and, like the SAT and ACT, you will find an abundance of resources to help you through.

After you take the LSAT, you might wonder how your score compares to other test taking, law school applicants. Currently, the low end of the spectrum is anything under a score of 140. Students and applicants scoring above 170 points on the LSAT will have easier access to universities, resources, and eventual employment than their low scoring colleagues. That is by no means to say that anything below a score of 140 is a failure, or that you shouldn’t continue on the path to law school, but it does mean that it might be significantly harder to be successful, especially at first.

In the past, law school was incredibly popular. For a while, the numbers of students applying to law school and taking the LSAT declined dramatically. However, in recent years, the number of students applying to law school has seen a dramatic jump. As with any other job market, you must sharpen your competitive edge in order to make it. Be the best in everything you do. If you have considered trying a new leadership opportunity in your undergraduate program, do so; get involved. Every opportunity can help to enrich you as a person and as a leader, demonstrating your capacity to be an arm of the law in the future.